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Are you looking for a branding design team in Sydney that can do it all? That can take your ideas and turn them into a kick-arse brand that people immediately recognise?

We’re your team for all things branding. We want to know your business inside out. So we can turn it into a marketable brand that your target audience will flock to.

So, what sort of branding details can we help with?

Branding Strategy

It all starts with a plan. We can’t get to branding mecca without a map. So the first step is to identify your goals and work out how to get you there. We’ll work with you to work out your brand voice and personality. Because we want your brand to represent who you are.

Brand Identity

This is the face of your business. Once we’ve worked out who you are, we want to use visual elements to form meaning and add value. We’ll help your brand stand apart from your competition through the use of colour, design and your own unique logo.

Brand Guidelines & Implementation

Brand guidelines protect your brand and take the guess work out of how to implement the key elements. You’ll have a handy reference point that includes typefaces, exact colour shades and logos. Communicating your brand with consistency makes for a stronger message.


Already have a brand but it’s feeling a bit stale? We can help with that as well. By hitting the reset button, we can revitalise your brand and it’s presence. A new look to take you boldly into the future. This is important because your brand needs to not only reflect where your business is now, but where it will be in the future so it can connect with your audience.

Marketing collateral

Once all the hard work is done, we want to help you show off your brand and reach your target audience. That means business cards, stationery, brochures, booklets, flyers, annual reports, prospectuses, direct mail, promotional products, posters and signage – or anything else you want.

Exhibitions and Events

We can also take care of exhibition branding design if you’re ready to go to the next level. Hosting an event is a big deal, and you want to make sure the whole experience elevates your brand and its message. Through visual storytelling and an integrative approach, we can ensure everything from signage to interior design, lighting and audio compliment the building you’re in and represent your brand. We want people to walk away with a multi-sensory experience of your brand.

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