Custom Packaging Design

Have you ever fallen in love with a product because you adore the custom packaging design? Packaging can make or break a product. It’s often the first thing a customer sees. So it needs to stand out from the crowd and help sell your product.

custom packaging design

How can we help you with your custom packaging design?

Packaging Ideation

It all begins with brainstorming and research. We’ll help generate ideas and solutions through research and one on one discovery sessions. Part of this will involve identifying your target audience and working out what they’ll respond to. Your 90 year old grandma is probably going to like something different to your teenage son. We’ll develop a strategy and foundation that will allow us to create prototypes and come up with creative solutions.

Product Naming and Taglines

The tagline “Just do it” is synonymous with Nike. Creating a stand-out business name or tagline that is memorable and connects with your audience, like Nike’s does, is a huge part of the marketing puzzle. We can help you come up with those magic words and smoothly integrate them into your visual branding.

Product Brand Identity and Design

This is where we bring everything together – colours, logos, typeface and custom packaging to help your product stand out. We want your product to have its own distinct market presence. We’ll develop a strategy that connects your audience to your product.

Concept Prototypes

We get that sometimes it’s hard to visualise what a concept will look like. That’s why we provide high fidelity protoypes and mockups to bring your product packaging ideas to life. You can see how your custom packaging will look from concept to market, so you can make a decision about what you love and what best aligns with your brand. 


Already have packaging but feel like it’s not making an impact with your market audience? Utilising your strong brand strategy, we will conceptualise, redesign, refine and prototype your product bringing it into line with your brand’s vision, values, direction and target market.


We understand the importance of strong, clear images. Quality images are an important part of custom packaging design and brand identity. We can provide professional product shots in situ, on location or in studio, for use in print marketing, social and web channels.

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