Macarthur FC Brand Launch

Macarthur FC

Before we even started thinking about the design we needed to define what and who Macarthur FC was. To begin this process we worked closely with the new club in developing a strategy to understand the area and people this new club would represent. We very quickly understood that this particular football community was crying out for representation and a voice in the A-League. 

Macarthur FC Background

The new club would be representing 5 catchment areas with a growing population. The dominant sport played among both male and female school age children in these areas was soccer. They came from the golden age of NPL, and with this history behind them, we knew we could ignite this passion with a new club that represented them past, present and future. 

The Process

Once we identified who Macarthur FC was, we worked with a number of names until Macarthur FC was chosen as the official name. Affectionately known as ‘The Bulls’, we had a clear indication of what the icon should be. The Bull represented strength, determination and unity. Through countless sketches, designs and consultation with relevant stakeholders, we designed what is now known as the Macarthur FC badge. 

The Outcome

The final logo demonstrates physical power through an angular form and symmetry. The graphic style is contemporary and has stylistic elements that echo ethnographic art. The 3 Southern Cross stars represent Community Football, NPL and A-League – each equally important. The mark is enclosed in a ‘badge’ which embodies the association partners and gives a sense of community and belonging. Overall, the form is stylised, strong and enduring. The Macarthur FC brand has been well received in the A-League community. To this day, when we see the logo on a jersey, hat, street banner or even on TV, we are proud to have had an integral part in the club. 

Services Provided

Brand Strategy
Brand Creation
Brand Guidelines
Marketing Collateral
Digital Content
Email Marketing
Event Signage
Merchandise Design

Macarthur FC Logo

From the very inception of this club, the girls were an integral part of our team. They not only helped us form our brand strategy, they delivered the best logo in the A-League.

Gino Marra

Chairman, Macarthur FC

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