Nonna Maria’s Passata

It’s a recipe that is steeped in family tradition and too good not to share. To honor their beloved Nonna, The La Guzza family wanted to use a photo of Nonna on the front label. It was an immediate hit with their market and suppliers.


For many years their branding served them well. But when they decided they wanted to refresh their brand, they weren’t sure what to do about Nonna. They didn’t want to lose the appeal of the original branding. You will find Nonna Maria’s Passata in your local Woolworths and Harris Farm Markets.

Use the slider below to view the original label and new label.

Original Nonna Maria's Passata labelNew Nonna Maria's Passata label

The Outcome

We agreed that the brand needed a refresh, but we also thought the photo of Nonna should be kept. We wanted to emphasise the brand quality of ‘authenticity’ and also introduce a feeling of nostalgia. We changed the typeface to reflect the beautiful signage one would see strolling through the streets of southern Italy, and added illustrations of tomatoes and flourishes. We didn’t mess with Nonna because after all, she’s the one holding the wooden spoon.

Find Nonna Maria’s Passata at Woolworths, Harris Farm Markets and good local greengrocers and delicatesans.

Services Provided

Packaging Ideation
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

It has been a pleasure working with Twosome Creative. We have been engaging with Twosome since 2017 and knew we could trust them with rebranding Nonna Maria’s Passata. We were thrilled with the result and so are our customers.

We can proudly say that it is now stocked in Woolworths and Harris Farm Markets.  

Nunzio & Mary La Guzza

Directors, Gem Foods

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